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Once upon a time I was at the beach with some friends during our college summer break.  After dinner my friends were discussing the productive things they had accomplished that day.  The conversation went something like this: Friend one, “I made dinner.” Friend two, “I took out the trash.” Friend three, in a semi-accusing tone, “Lonett, what did you do today?” I responded with, “I was adorable all day!” This was obviously followed by an innocent smile and an arm shelf.  I’ve continued to be adorable all day every day since.

I started my first blog, The Random Thoughts of Jess Lonett, as part of a new years resolution for 2010.  You can see my first post here.   I’ve been trying to figure out a direction for my very own piece of the interwebz.  Adorable All Day is simply going to be where I document this crazy transition into being a grown up and the way I live my life.  It will be filled with music, design, adventures, my progress in the world of roller derby, all sprinkled with cuteness.


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