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Seasonal Moxie: Autumn ’13

Hey there!  Remember that time I like to make seasonal goals and stuff?  Well, I kind of just let summer happen.  There was a lot of adjusting to a new job(!) and checking out live music, and visiting friends.  I am officially ready to take on this fabulous new season.  I’m mostly excited because fall […]

seasonal moxie: spring edition – recap

      Here’s a recap of how I did on my spring goals! Spoiler alert: NOT WELL. In no particular order: Work out 3x a week: LOLZ.  There were zero weeks all spring I made it to the gym 3x a week.  At most I got there twice and it wasn’t frequently.  I did […]

seasonal moxie: spring edition

So, I know Spring doesn’t technically start until March 20th, but for my own organizational purposes it is easier for me to go by full months and not the official seasonal calendar.  Also, who doesn’t want to pretend it’s spring sooner than it really is? Winter can GTFO of my life any day now and […]

seasonal moxie: winter edition – recap

      Here’s a recap of how I did on my winter goals! In no particular order: Organize old photos, nostalgic childhood/high school stuff: I accomplished a lot of this.  I scanned all my old photos, but there is still some more stuff to sort through.  Please enjoy this vintage Jess Lonett gem I […]

canceling netflix: the dawson’s creek effect

I can check off one of my Seasonal Moxie goals as complete!  There are a few reasons I wanted to cancel my Neflix account.  The main reason I got Netlix was because I didn’t have cable for the past two years, but now that I’m living at home and my parents have cable it seems […]

seasonal moxie: winter edition

        Last January I decided to start making seasonal goals instead of yearly resolutions. You can see last winter’s seasonal moxie post here.  After winter my life seemed to be going non-stop. No other season had any moxie, how sad!  I am currently dedicated to seasonal goals, so hopefully after I dominate […]

winter mix: elegant restraint

I’ve been working on compiling a winter mix for a couple weeks now and I finally have the finished product.  Winter is my least favorite season, so finding music to go along with it was difficult.  This mix is a lot more mellow than I usually tend to make, but I think it’s appropriate of […]

i need a new work out mix.

And by new work out mix I mean I haven’t made one since maybe freshman year of college when I used to elliptical it up with my pink portable CD player at UREC. Yeah, that’s the pre ipod days because I’m ancient and my parents have always been slow at adopting new technology.  Some gems […]

hello there twenty-twelve.

I don’t really dig new years resolutions.  A year is a long period of time to judge.  How will I know what I want to be working on in 6 months? Plus there’s always that “Well I already messed up. I’m giving up.” mentality that goes along with goals that may have been slightly too […]