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my breakup and rebound.

When we first met I had no idea what to expect. Would you like me? Was I cool enough for you?  Was I what you were looking for? Our relationship started out pretty casually.  I had no idea what was in store for me over the next two years.  You were so open and inviting. […]

trying out yinzer derby.

After relocating back to the Pittsburgh area I’ve been debating over whether or not I wanted to try to join the Steel City Derby Demons.   A pretty typical internal conversation with myself: Do I want to dedicate the time it takes to do derby? But, think of how much more in shape you were while […]

my 2nd derbyversary.

The Rocktown Rollers recently celebrated the team’s Derbyversary.   Last year I was still super fresh meat for the derbyversary.  I had been with the team for about a month and  it was kind of awkward since I didn’t really know anyone that well yet. Fast forward a year and the awkwardness is gone and […]

my first scrimmage.

Sunday I got to participate in my first ever scrimmage with the Rocktown Rollers!  Previous to this I’ve scrimmaged at practice against my own teammates and played in a mixer in December. Saturday I spent a ridiculous amount of time making my scrimmage shirts: Bright and early Sunday morning I joined six other lovely derby […]

derby makeover.

It might not be a complete derby makeover, but I did change my wheels for the very first time this week.  I got Poisons after recommendations from most of the Rocktown Rollers.  It was a really difficult decision for me.  Mostly because these wheels are not pretty.  They’re that ugly glow in the dark looking […]

happy one year.

It has been one year since I joined the Rocktown Rollers!  This is definitely one of those situations where it feels like I’ve been doing this forever and at the same time feels like I just joined. On Sunday we had our Fresh Meat Try Outs.  This is the fourth Fresh Meat Try Outs that […]

did i just join the roller derby?

Last Tuesday I went to Fresh Meat Try Outs for the Rocktown Rollers, Harrisonburg’s roller derby team! If this sounds crazy to you and you never in a million years could see me joining the roller derby you need to catch up a little on my life and read this. It’s been almost a year […]