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significant shirts.

Over the years there have been many significant shirts in my life.  Some of these shirts go back to high school, so please buckle up for this nostalgic journey down memory lane.  It might be worth your while, but probably only if you’re super bored or if you, too, have worn one of these shirts […]

my 2nd derbyversary.

The Rocktown Rollers recently celebrated the team’s Derbyversary.   Last year I was still super fresh meat for the derbyversary.  I had been with the team for about a month and  it was kind of awkward since I didn’t really know anyone that well yet. Fast forward a year and the awkwardness is gone and […]

my first scrimmage.

Sunday I got to participate in my first ever scrimmage with the Rocktown Rollers!  Previous to this I’ve scrimmaged at practice against my own teammates and played in a mixer in December. Saturday I spent a ridiculous amount of time making my scrimmage shirts: Bright and early Sunday morning I joined six other lovely derby […]

happy one year.

It has been one year since I joined the Rocktown Rollers!  This is definitely one of those situations where it feels like I’ve been doing this forever and at the same time feels like I just joined. On Sunday we had our Fresh Meat Try Outs.  This is the fourth Fresh Meat Try Outs that […]

did i just join the roller derby?

Last Tuesday I went to Fresh Meat Try Outs for the Rocktown Rollers, Harrisonburg’s roller derby team! If this sounds crazy to you and you never in a million years could see me joining the roller derby you need to catch up a little on my life and read this. It’s been almost a year […]