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*NSYNC obsessed

After I watched the brief *NSYNC reunion from the VMAs I started to reminisce about my *NSYNC memories from oh so long ago.  Over the years I seem to have blocked out the intensity that surround my love for *NSYNC.  This recent reunion was the spark that set off a vivid, and slightly terrifying, journey […]

1787: the year that changed my life

I’m very much in a soul-searching-figure-out-my-life phase right now.  In other words, I’m your average 20-something in the year 2013.  I’ve seen a variety of posts on facebook about JMU freshman move in and all the glory that is 1787 August Orientation.  These posts came from both students who are still at JMU, as well […]

firefly day two.

After we survived day one, we were prepared to leave early Saturday to make sure we avoided any outrageous traffic situations.  We stopped at a Wawa (sorry Sheetz!) on the way, grabbed some breakfast burritos and Red Bull and we were ready to face the day. We arrived with plenty of time and we had prime […]

canceling netflix: the dawson’s creek effect

I can check off one of my Seasonal Moxie goals as complete!  There are a few reasons I wanted to cancel my Neflix account.  The main reason I got Netlix was because I didn’t have cable for the past two years, but now that I’m living at home and my parents have cable it seems […]

throwback playlist: college mix

I recently helped Andrew’s little sister move into her dorm at JMU for her freshman year.  That dorm just happened to be my dorm from eight years ago when I was a freshman.  As I walked across campus I felt an odd sense of calm.  I didn’t wish I was starting my college experience all […]

significant shirts.

Over the years there have been many significant shirts in my life.  Some of these shirts go back to high school, so please buckle up for this nostalgic journey down memory lane.  It might be worth your while, but probably only if you’re super bored or if you, too, have worn one of these shirts […]

summer mix: nostalgic gleam

This mix has been on in my car almost non-stop for a couple months now.  Summer is my favorite and these songs are making it even better.  I love when songs sound better when the sun is shining and the windows are rolled down. Like I said about my winter mix, I love naming playlists.  […]

i need a new work out mix.

And by new work out mix I mean I haven’t made one since maybe freshman year of college when I used to elliptical it up with my pink portable CD player at UREC. Yeah, that’s the pre ipod days because I’m ancient and my parents have always been slow at adopting new technology.  Some gems […]