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focused intentions: my quarter life crisis.

I officially put my two weeks notice in at work today. The short story – I am moving out of Harrisonburg and back in with my parents for a bit to apply for jobs in the DC area.   If you would like the longer story continue reading.  I may ramble a bit to help […]

i rock a lot of polka dots.

So, last night after work it was raining like crazy.  It made me lose all motivation to do anything productive whatsoever.  I decided it was the perfect opportunity to snuggle up in my bed and catch up on the 5 episodes of New Girl I’ve missed. A few things to know about New Girl: I […]

hello there twenty-twelve.

I don’t really dig new years resolutions.  A year is a long period of time to judge.  How will I know what I want to be working on in 6 months? Plus there’s always that “Well I already messed up. I’m giving up.” mentality that goes along with goals that may have been slightly too […]