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summer mix: nostalgic gleam

This mix has been on in my car almost non-stop for a couple months now.  Summer is my favorite and these songs are making it even better.  I love when songs sound better when the sun is shining and the windows are rolled down. Like I said about my winter mix, I love naming playlists.  […]

alex winston is a mythical creature.

Last Thursday I traveled  81 to 64 and then took a metro ride to U Street in DC to see an Alex Winston show.  I met a couple friends at the famous Ben’s Chili Bowl where I experienced my first chili dog ever.  If you were wondering if you could eat free at Ben’s Chili […]

walk the moon, swoon.

Most days you can find me with one ear bud in listening to WNRN online in my cube at work.  Today was no exception.  While I was listening a song caught my attention and within the first 20 seconds of the song starting I was doing a Google search for “‘we lifted this house, we lifted […]

winter mix: elegant restraint

I’ve been working on compiling a winter mix for a couple weeks now and I finally have the finished product.  Winter is my least favorite season, so finding music to go along with it was difficult.  This mix is a lot more mellow than I usually tend to make, but I think it’s appropriate of […]