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up and onward

This is my end-of-summer-beginning-of-fall-but-I-still-wish-it-was-the-middle-of-summer mix.  All these songs put me in a good mood and get me pumped for what I’m about to do.  Usually that is driving to work, but sometimes it involves more exciting things like going to the mall to get your make up done and buy false eyelashes with your bestie […]

drum beats | summer heat

Hey y’all! Who doesn’t love a stellar summer mix?!  I know they are always my favorite and the ones I have the best memories associated with.  This one is no different.  I’ve pretty much been listening to this on repeat in my car since the beginning of June.  If I’m not listening to this mix […]

firefly day three.

We attempted the same morning routine from day two. Apparently the Wawa couldn’t handle the demand of festival goers.  They were out of eggs and bagels and other breakfast treats!  People were pissed that there were no cinnamon raisin bagels left, it was getting serious. We remembered to take specific note of where were parked our […]

firefly day two.

After we survived day one, we were prepared to leave early Saturday to make sure we avoided any outrageous traffic situations.  We stopped at a Wawa (sorry Sheetz!) on the way, grabbed some breakfast burritos and Red Bull and we were ready to face the day. We arrived with plenty of time and we had prime […]

firefly day one.

I can’t believe Firefly was a week ago!  It seems like only yesterday I impulsively convinced my dear friends, Jithu and Tyler, that we should go to this festival the day they announced the line up. On our journey from Newark to Dover the first day of Firefly we got up early, ate a waffle […]

riot time bound.

This mix is the dividing line between spring and summer.  The very last bits of spring and full fledged anticipation of summer sunshine, day drinking, and new adventures.  I am 100% ready for the ease that comes along with summer time. [Fun fact: that bridge is the bridge from One Tree Hill, yes this one, in Willmington, NC. […]

craving contingency

Craving Contingency is kind of all over the place with upbeat jams, mellow tunes, and light hearted pop songs,  but it totally makes sense to me when listening to them all together.  It’s kind of a continuation of my Certain Flux mix from the fall.  Craving Contingency is the anticipation leading up to the moment […]

rampant youth

This is totally a just for fun, full of guilty pleasures, excuse to have a good time mix.  Do you feel like you’re 22? Do you want to live while you’re young?  Do you sleep in your clothes like you don’t care?  Then you will love this mix. It is great for blasting in the […]

fall mix: certain flux

I’ve been listening to this mix for a few months now and the main thing I have to say about it is that I dig these songs.  They really speak to my twenty-something-figure-out-your-life soul.  After I had compiled all the songs, I settled on certain flux as a way of embracing this unknown next step […]

throwback playlist: college mix

I recently helped Andrew’s little sister move into her dorm at JMU for her freshman year.  That dorm just happened to be my dorm from eight years ago when I was a freshman.  As I walked across campus I felt an odd sense of calm.  I didn’t wish I was starting my college experience all […]