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firefly day three.

We attempted the same morning routine from day two. Apparently the Wawa couldn’t handle the demand of festival goers.  They were out of eggs and bagels and other breakfast treats!  People were pissed that there were no cinnamon raisin bagels left, it was getting serious. We remembered to take specific note of where were parked our […]

firefly day two.

After we survived day one, we were prepared to leave early Saturday to make sure we avoided any outrageous traffic situations.  We stopped at a Wawa (sorry Sheetz!) on the way, grabbed some breakfast burritos and Red Bull and we were ready to face the day. We arrived with plenty of time and we had prime […]

firefly day one.

I can’t believe Firefly was a week ago!  It seems like only yesterday I impulsively convinced my dear friends, Jithu and Tyler, that we should go to this festival the day they announced the line up. On our journey from Newark to Dover the first day of Firefly we got up early, ate a waffle […]

homesick heart.

Lately I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed.  My spring moxie goals have been harder to attain than I originally anticipated.  The one little word I chose to focus on for spring is balance.  I don’t know if it’s because I’ve become more aware of it or if I’m trying to do too much, but I feel the […]