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my first opening day.

Last week I experienced my first Pirates’ opening day!  My morning started with a bunch of texts and then a phone call from my dear pal, Hannah, about our timeline for the day. We met at Messi Manor, ate breakfast sandwiches, packed up the cooler with beers and meats, piled on warm layers and then […]

my breakup and rebound.

When we first met I had no idea what to expect. Would you like me? Was I cool enough for you?  Was I what you were looking for? Our relationship started out pretty casually.  I had no idea what was in store for me over the next two years.  You were so open and inviting. […]

inbox zero.

I have had this big dream of reaching inbox zero for awhile now.  I am going to call it a big dream instead of what it really was, a lingering thunderstorm cloud looming over my head, because I have finally turned this big dream into my reality!!!  If there is any time in my life […]

connect the dots: whale noises to house bunny.

While taking a gander at my twitter feed I ended up making some ridiculous connections for myself.  I am almost 100% positive no one else would make the same connections, but I am also almost 100% positive that you make similarly ridiculous connections on the regular. It all started when I saw and clicked on […]