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Seasonal Moxie: Autumn ’13

Hey there!  Remember that time I like to make seasonal goals and stuff?  Well, I kind of just let summer happen.  There was a lot of adjusting to a new job(!) and checking out live music, and visiting friends.  I am officially ready to take on this fabulous new season.  I’m mostly excited because fall TV is back and that means more Leslie Knope life lessons.  I’m also excited because this is my first autumn being in Pittsburgh since high school, but I am not excited to deal with football season and obnoxious Steelers fans.  That’s the price you pay for living in Yinzer country.

Anyway… let me reveal what I’m attempting to accomplish this autumn.





  • Embrace PGH: at least once a month discover something new in the city
  • No gas station treats*, Sheetz, I’m looking at you.  Seeya later Foodles.  It’s been real. (*Unless traveling, as in a long trip, not the drive to work.)
  • Blog revamp: super top secret and exciting things that I’m excited about and no one else really cares about which is why it’s awesome
  • Exercise. Every other day. No. Excuses.
  • Actually fucking do it:  this is just a mentality I would like to use all the time in life and probably the only good thing I got out of working at Clear Channel.
  • Go one day a week internet & computer free
  • Stop hitting the snooze button.  For serious this time. If i am able to achieve this I hope someone will make me a trophy or ribbon or something, because man oh man is this a daunting goal that is going to require all self control I can muster.  Do you want to volunteer to make me a trophy, ribbon, or something sparkly to reward me?!  I would love you forever and you might know that you were a main factor in my greatest accomplishment in life so far.
  • Organize a family garage sale.  This is probably a stretch goal, but I’m going to put it on here anyway because I think it would benefit the entire Lonett household.  Family togetherness, yo.


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  1. Peggy Lonett says:

    Good luck with the last one!

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