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After I watched the brief *NSYNC reunion from the VMAs I started to reminisce about my *NSYNC memories from oh so long ago.  Over the years I seem to have blocked out the intensity that surround my love for *NSYNC.  This recent reunion was the spark that set off a vivid, and slightly terrifying, journey back to my middle school years.

To say that 14 year old Jess Lonett was obsessed with *NSYNC might be an understatement.

My friends and I learned all the moves to the live performance of “I Want You Back”.  One of our 5 person group dropped out and couldn’t make it to the youth group lock in that weekend and we had to find a replacement.  This set back wasn’t going to prevent us from delivering a flawless choreographed routine.  Enjoy this visual representation of this moment in my life:timberlake nsync_dance7 nsync_dance5 nsync_dance4 nsync_dance2 nsync_dance joey_fatoneflip 2012_12_30_20_38_04group_poster

You’re a lucky girl when in your group of friends you get to be Justin Timberlake.  These photos don’t quite capture the details in all their glory though.  The amount of time it took to replicate the hair styles of the guys was quite the process.  We curled my hair and I rocked Timberlake’s signature bandana, obviously in baby blue.  Bishop had to have her hair sprayed red to match Joey Fatone’s.  We crafted some black and white braids for Hannah, so she would be an authentic Chris Kirkpatrick.   The duct taped 8×10 photos of our designated *NSYNC member might be my favorite part of our wardrobe.

I thought I remembered someone on my bus writing a line from the “Pop” video in my year book.  This is where a more accurate portrayal of my *NSYNC obsession became clear.  The embarrassing things I discovered on those 8th grade year book pages is out of control.

Here’s the “Pop” message I originally remembered:

Please enjoy these other gems I discovered after I found that one:

yearbookyearbook4 yearbook5



I was also determined to incorporate *NSYNC into any holiday possible:
A dude working the Relient K merch table kind of resembles Justin Timberlake?  I’ll take a picture with him:
My bedroom walls were absolutely covered in magazine photos and stayed like this until the summer after freshman year of college.
Don’t worry I continued this trend in my freshman dorm room.
For awhile I was always number 1 1/2 on  jersey’s because of this:
My voice mail on my phone also ended with “I might call you back, if you’re cool” up until I was graduating from college and looking for grown up jobs because of this.


I don’t know how I suppressed the extreme level of *NSYNC obsession that was ingrained in my life.  I’m glad that *NSYNC was back for a brief moment so I could appreciate how far I’ve come from these days.  It gives me hope that if I can completely forget how ridiculous a time middle school was, by the time I’m 35 my 20-something shambles will be a blurry memory that is only brought to the surface through a to-be-determined event in the future.


I think this most clearly explains how everything above happened:

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