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seasonal moxie: spring edition – recap





Here’s a recap of how I did on my spring goals! Spoiler alert: NOT WELL.

In no particular order:

  • Work out 3x a week: LOLZ.  There were zero weeks all spring I made it to the gym 3x a week.  At most I got there twice and it wasn’t frequently.  I did go to a couple yoga classes during the spring which were fun, hard, and sweaty!  I may be trying to incorporate more of that into my regular routine.
  • Blog 3x a week: LOLZ. I had a planner where I was scheduling out posts far in advance and everything.  Somehow they didn’t go from my planner to the interwebz?! I did write my most viewed post to date, though, on my break up and rebound.
  • Get my living space current – things that reflect who I am right now, including my closet:  I feel solid about this one.  I cleaned out my closet and donated a bunch of old clothes to Goodwill.  I took down pictures from high school and put up prints and other art.  I added some new lighting too!  I still need to make my first ever trip to IKEA to buy a rug.  I also want to buy some plants. (RIP Suzi)
  • Redesign my portfolio site & order business cards: LOLZ!!!!  I have no comment on this because absolutely nothing happened for this.  It was a nice thought, Jess Lonett of the past, however, Jess Lonett of the present has done nothing to achieve this lovely ambition.
  • Weekly reflecting & planning: LOLZ.  This is seriously going to happen in my life. For realz. It will. I swear.
  • Send more real mail: LOLZ. I think I sent 2 things in the mail, but neither of them were for fun like I had hoped, sigh.
  • More skype dates with far away friends: I achieved this goal and I would love way more of this in my life!  Proof:andrew_skype heather_skype ida_skype laura_skype


My one little word for spring was balance: LOLZ. I was obviously overly confident when I created this list and to have balance as my goal.  Balance might be a little ambitious for a twenty-something figuring out so many variables at once.  Good thing I’m reading this.   My work schedule was a major culprit for a lot of my balance issues and missed goals.  In the winter I had just started my job and didn’t have my full schedule yet.  I also always forget how crazy the spring is.  Every year I’m like, “Oh hey, April, nice to see you again!”, then WA-BAM! I’m smacked right in the face with an overwhelming spring that I don’t know how it started let alone how it is over.  Next year, spring, next year.

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