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my first opening day.

opening_dayLast week I experienced my first Pirates’ opening day!  My morning started with a bunch of texts and then a phone call from my dear pal, Hannah, about our timeline for the day.

We met at Messi Manor, ate breakfast sandwiches, packed up the cooler with beers and meats, piled on warm layers and then we were ready to make the journey to Gold Lot 1 for tailgating fun.


I think it’s best to recap my first opening day by the important things that I learned:

  • Every other opening day ever has been sunny and at least 60 degrees
  • 2013 it snowed
  • Boys think a hoodie is a jacket and appropriate outerwear for snowy weather
  • Ramping is strictly forbidden
  • Three people are best to guard you while you’re peeing behind the van, but one is sufficient
  • Creeper vans are where the girls (and Bruce) hang out
  • Costco cashiers make $21 an hour
  • PBR drinkers have an immediate bond and will even give you their last PBR
  • Opening day with your besties is a great life decision, even in the snow




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  1. Hannah says:

    I enjoy your blog all the time, but especially when I’m featured. :) Thanks for documenting our lives so that I can remember this day years from now. XOXO.

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