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seasonal moxie: spring edition

So, I know Spring doesn’t technically start until March 20th, but for my own organizational purposes it is easier for me to go by full months and not the official seasonal calendar.  Also, who doesn’t want to pretend it’s spring sooner than it really is? Winter can GTFO of my life any day now and I would be totally a-ok with that!





I feel pretty solid with how my Winter Moxie went.  If you missed it you can check out my recap here.  Winter was definitely a lot of changes and getting used to the new schedule with my job and living back at home.  I am prepared and ready to take on the spring now!

In no particular order:

  • Work out 3x a week
  • Blog 3x a week
  • Get my living space current – things that reflect who I am right now, including my closet
  • Redesign my portfolio site & order business cards
  • Send more real mail
  • More skype dates with far away friends
  • Weekly reflecting & planning

For winter, my one little word I chose to focus on was selfish.  I still dig this perspective and will continue to have it in the back of my mind with decision making at this point in my life.  It has definitely helped to combat my people pleasing nature a bit!  So now moving forward with my word for spring:
balance_olwBalance is another area that I believe it’s easy to struggle with if you aren’t actively trying to maintain it.  The balance between going out and staying in, healthy foods vs treats, and getting enough sleep will make a big difference with balance being the focus.  A more specific area I want to find balance between is doing things on online vs doing things offline.  It is too easy to get wrapped up in technology and I want to make sure that computer screens and my iphone aren’t dominating such a big percentage of my life.  I have already set up my moxie goals to focus on balance.  I’m excited to see how balance is going to affect my thought process and decision making for the spring!

Warmer weather, I am patiently anticipating your arrival.

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