Adorable All Day

happy valentine’s day y’all!!!

Today has been a pretty solid valentine’s day so far.  I went to breakfast at Pamela’s with the mom and little bro, gave myself a red and pink glitter and heart filled mani, and impulse purchased tickets to see fun. + tegan and sara this summer!  I was catching up on some blogs when I got to Leigh-Ann’s Valentine’s Day post and I totally had to join in on the pink ink love filled note!

i love...

In addition to writing all these things I love I’ve been listening to a spunky mix about love!

I know there are some Valentine’s Day haters out there, so you, as well as those who dig hearts and glitter, should check out this organization that is using today to fight violence against women.


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  1. Leigh-Ann says:

    Your list is so fun!! Smiling at texts out loud made so much sense to me… I love that too :) Your! List! Is! Awesome! ;)

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