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rampant youth

Rampant Youth

This is totally a just for fun, full of guilty pleasures, excuse to have a good time mix.  Do you feel like you’re 22? Do you want to live while you’re young?  Do you sleep in your clothes like you don’t care?  Then you will love this mix. It is great for blasting in the privacy of your own car or listening to while you’re getting ready in the morning or to go out at night.


Taylor Swift – 22 | I love all of her album, Red, and this song is no exception.

Walk the Moon – Shiver Shiver | I’m obsessed with anything Walk the Moon, but this may be my favorite of them all.

Flo Rida – Who Dat Girl | Confession: the only reason I like this song is because I am picturing Drunk Ron Swanson the entire time.

Grouplove – Tongue Tied (Gigamesh Remix) & Local Natives – Who Knows, Who Cares (Old Arc Remix)| I don’t usually seek out remixes of songs I dig, however, I have played these songs so much and still wanted them on my mix that I found some new versions to love. *

You can also listen on spotify here!

*One of the remix versions is missing from both grooveshark & spotify*

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