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seasonal moxie: winter edition





Last January I decided to start making seasonal goals instead of yearly resolutions. You can see last winter’s seasonal moxie post here.  After winter my life seemed to be going non-stop. No other season had any moxie, how sad!  I am currently dedicated to seasonal goals, so hopefully after I dominate my winter moxie list I will be ready for a fun spring moxie adventure too!

In no particular order:

  • Organize old photos, nostalgic childhood/high school stuff
  • Digital overhaul (back up photos, unsubscribe from irrelevant emails, etc)
  • Drink more water, at least 2 Nalgene bottles a day, and no soda until my water minimum has been met
  •  Run or walk a mile a day or even this from Thanksgiving until New Years. (at least every other day will be a win, but everyday would be the best!) {Inspiration here}
  • No fast food
  • Cancel Netflix & no TV shows or movies before 8pm
  • Own an infinity scarf.  If anyone would like to make me one I wouldn’t say no and I would probably love you forever, or at least until the weather warms up.

I have also decided to choose one little word to focus on too. {Inspiration here}  My life is changing too quickly for me to pick a word that will be relevant for an entire year.  That’s correct, I am so anti-commitment right now that I can’t even choose a word to focus on for a year. I’m totally fine with it.  Here is the word I have chosen:Selfish definitely has a negative connotation associated with it.  However, I’m using it as a positive motivator to focus on growing and becoming a more rad version of myself.  I identify with self-centered more [absorbed with oneself, independent, self-sufficient] but a hyphenated word seems like cheating the one little word.  Being selfish is kind of difficult for my people pleasing self.  What do you mean I have to figure out what I want and make decisions based on me and me alone?!  Terrifying, right?

Bring it on winter.  I’m ready for you.

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  1. Allison says:

    I dig it. Totally.

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