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I recently helped Andrew’s little sister move into her dorm at JMU for her freshman year.  That dorm just happened to be my dorm from eight years ago when I was a freshman.  As I walked across campus I felt an odd sense of calm.  I didn’t wish I was starting my college experience all over again, but I was really excited for what was in store for all these little babies moving in.  I was also pleasantly surprised no FROGS mistook me for a freshman.

Last week when I was driving back from a long weekend in Pittsburgh I busted out some old mixed CDs I keep in my car.  I popped in the one titled “College Mix” and I was instantly taken back to Hanson Hall fall 2005.

Warning slightly to extremely embarrassingly mix follows:

After listening to this mix I realized I was a lot more emo than I remember being.  I swear I had a great time my freshman year, but I do remember how difficult my transition was at the beginning.  I vividly remember talking to a friend from high school while sitting on the steps outside my dorm during a fire drill trying to explain why I didn’t feel like me.  I was also reminded of all the times my roomie and I danced to Love and Memories.

I love how so many memories are tied to this little mix I made during my first semester freshman year.  I love seeing how much I’ve grown and changed since then.  I think that’s where my sense of calm came from while walking across campus.  I appreciate my time at JMU for what it was for me at that time and who I’ve become because of it.

** The photos are from freshman year.  I’d like you to have a visual of  19 year old Jess Lonett of the past to picture listening to this mix.  You should also picture her listening to this mix on a pink discman.**

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