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walk the moon, swoon.

Most days you can find me with one ear bud in listening to WNRN online in my cube at work.  Today was no exception.  While I was listening a song caught my attention and within the first 20 seconds of the song starting I was doing a Google search for “‘we lifted this house, we lifted this house’ lyrics”.

The song was called “Anna Sun” by Walk the Moon.  It was a delightful indie pop jam and was just what my afternoon needed.  Recently I’ve been getting super obsessed with new music ultra quickly.  I don’t know if it’s because there is a ton of rad new music being released right now or if I’m just more open to new music at the current moment or what.  This is the third song in the last 2 weeks that I’ve heard and then proceeded to obsessively listen to on repeat. (Song 1 and Song 2).

After discovering the band name and song I checked for a video on youtube.  I’m fairly certain that I’m one of the only people who seek out music videos.  I’m ok with that. The video just made me love the song more.  I absolutely love it when that happens.  See for yourself:

I love the single take shot for the first half of the video.  I am really offended that Walk the Moon didn’t invite me to be in this video.  It would have been really difficult for me to decide whether I would be one of the girls dancing on boxes with sparklers or part of the tunnel 80′s inspired dance break down.  Speaking of the dance break down, it made me fall in love with the lead singer. Specifically around  2:02-2:10.  That pretty much sums up the way to this girl’s heart if you were ever wondering.  The second part of the video makes me think of Peter Pan, the lost boys, tiger lily, and never land.  That makes my heart happy too.

Moral of this story: I just heard this song today, watched the video, and become mildly obsessed.  I hope they tour somewhere close to here soon.  I know it’s going to get played heavily with the windows down in my car.  Also, please consider me if you, a long distant relative, or some random facebook friend you made eye contact with 2.5 times freshman year of college need extras for a dance sequence of any kind.  I am really trying to add “Professional Dance Scene Extra” to my resume.

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