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my 2nd derbyversary.

The Rocktown Rollers recently celebrated the team’s Derbyversary.   Last year I was still super fresh meat for the derbyversary.  I had been with the team for about a month and  it was kind of awkward since I didn’t really know anyone that well yet.

Fast forward a year and the awkwardness is gone and I’m totally excited to celebrate another year of the Rocktown Rollers!

I got the Most Improved award from last season!

We auctioned off some lovely ladies.

Clevland Roxy collected the winning bidders’ money.

Later that evening, Roxy and I officially became derby wives.

If you live in Harrisonburg and haven’t been to any event the Rocktown Rollers are a part of I don’t know what you’re waiting for.  We always have a good time and you will too if you come check the team out!  If you’re not in Harrisonburg I promise you there is a roller derby team close to you. They’re not going to be as rad as us, but that’s ok.

Speaking of events, you can come to Buffalo Wild Wings tonight at 7pm to watch our home opener from 2/26.  More details here.

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  1. lisa says:

    That’s so awesome you are in Roller Derby! And since Clarissa was my middle school fashion icon- I love your name! :)

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