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my first scrimmage.

Sunday I got to participate in my first ever scrimmage with the Rocktown Rollers!  Previous to this I’ve scrimmaged at practice against my own teammates and played in a mixer in December.

Saturday I spent a ridiculous amount of time making my scrimmage shirts:

Bright and early Sunday morning I joined six other lovely derby ladies to travel in the party van to Richmond.  Approximately 15 minutes out of Staunton I realized I forgot my mouth guard. Whoops!  Luckily Little Miss Meanie had my back and  had an extra one that I customized with hot water from our rest stop at McDonald’s.

During warm ups this new mouth guard caused me to gag, pretty much the entire time.  I wasn’t playing during the first bout so, I just sat on the bench with my mouth guard in and focused on breathing like the nerd I am.  I was not going to let my forgetfulness cause my derby skillz to suffer.

When it was my turn to warm up for our scrimmage against the Uncivil Warriors I was pretty terrified after watching the Rocktown Rollers take on Poe’s Punishers.

Looking back most of the scrimmage is a total blur.  My first time going out as a jammer (eep!) I got a major penalty for track cutting. Oops! I got hit out of bounds and accidentally slid back on the track in front of people.  Pretty sure I didn’t make it around the track once before I had to make my way to the penalty box.

I got my jitters out and the rest of the scrimmage was super exciting!  It was awesome getting to work with girls on my team whether it was when I was blocking or jamming.  I also really liked playing people that I didn’t know.  Not knowing who will hit you super hard and ruin your life makes it a lot easier to go up against them.  When scrimmaging against other Rocktown Rollers I know who has destroyed me in the past.

It was so crazy hearing “Clarissa Pains It All” announced each time I was on the jammer line.  My last time jamming I knew we were only up by a few points and I was determined to not let their jammer score a million points on me, or any for that matter. I managed to make my way close to the front of the pack  and then Bam Bam Brawler gave me a whip and I got lead jammer! It’s really a blur as to how all of that happened, but it did and that’s all that matters.

This scrimmage just got me more pumped for the 2012 Season.  I impulse purchased some sparkly eye shadow in preparation for our first bout coming up this Sunday.  I’m going to be a lot more glam this season.

Speaking of the bout this Sunday, do you have tickets yet?  Let me know I have pre-sale ones you can buy from me! You can also get them online here. This is definitely something you don’t want to miss!  Ok, I think I’m done gushing about roller derby at least until practice tonight…





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  1. Jacq says:

    Kill it b.

  2. Anna Kaye says:

    I love your impulse buy! Love sparkly things!

  3. Tyler Conta says:

    LEAD JAMMER!! dat’s muh girl.

  4. Grrfeisty says:

    I love your derby name! In re to mouth guards, a lot of our girls love protech. You should check it out!

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