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winter mix: elegant restraint

I’ve been working on compiling a winter mix for a couple weeks now and I finally have the finished product.  Winter is my least favorite season, so finding music to go along with it was difficult.  This mix is a lot more mellow than I usually tend to make, but I think it’s appropriate of the season and I’m kind of obsessed with it. Now I can check this off my Seasonal Moxie to do list.  Here’s the playlist if you’d like to listen.  There’s also a little bit about some of the songs that stand out to me.

I love naming everything, especially playlists.  It helps me identify the collective group of songs that I’ve chosen to put together.  It’s so much more fun than “winter mix 2012″.  After I completed the entire playlist Elegant Restraint just fits in my brain and describes the vibe I get while listening to it.

elegant restraint. by Jess Lonett on Grooveshark


Birdy – Skinny Love | I heard this on WNRN a week or so ago and was instantly in love with it.  It’s a wonderful Bon Iver cover and is so enchanting.

Walk Off the Earth – Somebody I Used to Know | I found this cover via Emza’s tumblr and love it more than Gotye’s original. The video is amazing and if you don’t have a girl crush the second she opens her mouth you’re crazy.

Relient K – One Headlight | Ok, so maybe I’m covers crazy this winter, but I have a guilty pleasure thing for Relient K.  Combine them with a gem from the 90s and I am all over it. Acoustic performance here!

If you have anything you’ve been rocking out to this winter let me know!

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