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summer resolutions.

So, I didn’t really make any new years resolutions. It just wasn’t a good time for them, but now that it is officially the first day of summer I think I am ready for some resolutions.

#1 I am giving up drinking soda. I started this at the beginning of June and I have been staying strong. There was some grape soda temptation recently, but I managed to remain true to my goal. Grape and Orange soda are definitely going to be my weakness. I have been feeling surprisingly good about this one. I’m starting out with this as a summer goal, but am actually just thinking about giving it up forever.
#2 I am going to quit picking my nails. This has been a habit since pre-school. So a 20ish year habit shouldn’t be difficult to break right? I’m trying to combat this one with super cute nails all the time. I love and have a slight obsession with nail polish already so this is a great motivator. Check out my new teal shade:

You can’t tell, but my drink is blue too. I am just so color coordinated!
#3 Perfect iced coffee. I have been working on this for a couple weeks now too and have it down pretty well! I make my coffee at night while I brush my teeth then place it in the fridge over night. In the am right before I leave for work I use around 5 ice cubes, and by around 5 I mean exactly 5, add the coffee, 2 packs of sugar, about 3-4ish seconds of creamer, that’s the official scientific measurement, some hershey’s caramel syrup & stir! Add a neon straw to my JMU recycle travel mug and I am out the door. I’m going to experiment with some other flavors too.
#4 I am never going to get tragically lost again. Dupont Circle at rush hour taught me a lesson and this girl has been lost for the last time. Meet Greta, my new tour guide:

Greta is the perfect addition for summer time adventures!
There they are, my summer time resolutions. Happy first day of summer!

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  1. ratcreatur says:

    Try making a batch of coffee (including sugar, creamer & caramel) and freezing it in an ice cube tray. Your coffee will maintain its perfect ratio from start to finish!

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